Save money. Reduce risk. Improve image.

Always be ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

Replace outdated systems and cumbersome spreadsheets with a smart upgrade to the cloud. Arx Alert is your all-in-one risk management software solution to monitor your entire organization.

How does it help me?

Be Efficient

With cloud data storage, automate workflow, and internal processes to save you time.

Be Smarter

Watch and optimize your organization with software that learns and monitors learning software that monitors behavior to improve its effectiveness.

Be Proactive

Stay ahead of the curve with intelligent risk management predictions. Learn from mistakes the first time by identifying potential risks before they become a lawsuit.

Prevent Issues

The more data you give the system to analyze, the better it becomes at predicting actions. Turn off, turn on, or optimize alerts to best fit your current needs.

Stay Versatile

Customized alerts save you time, money and prepare you to intervene at a moment’s notice. Access your dashboard in the field and on the go.

Customize It

Tailored dashboards help visual job functions with graphs and real-time reporting to ensure you make the right decisions.

Ready to learn more?

Police Department of 2,500+ Officers

  • $5.1 million saved in lawsuit payouts
  • 62% decrease in lawsuits filed
  • 36% reduction in complaints
  • 51% decrease in payouts
  • 22% decrease in use of force

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I’m ready. What’s next?

Data Digitization

We’ll work with your team to integrate our software with your management system plus we’ll digitize relevant data in the cloud.

Risk Indicators Created

Together, we’ll identify a list of what risks trigger an alert using 100+ best practices as a starting point.

Online Dashboard Launched

We’ll build your custom risk management dashboard that’s ready to monitor and mitigate risk on day-one.

Mitigate Liability

We automate your workflow empowering you to correct the risk identified in your organization.


“People have a high expectation for information & an immediacy for response. Arx Alert provides a platform for people to have that information.”

— Charles Craft  |  Chief of Police, Ret.  |  Troy MI

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