About Us

Founded in Detroit, Michigan, we aim to make our communities safer places to live. We do this by helping you create transparency and accountability in your organization. Arx Alert is our way of helping you gain back control and feel more secure in the rapidly changing world we live in today.

Why Altovista

Alto Vista is an Aruban Papiamento word, a creole language derived from English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Long ago, people from vast distances needed a way to communicate, trade, and profit. For this, they worked together to form a universal language. By integrating all their languages, they were all able to work more efficiently and profit together.

Our founding principals resonate with those of the Arubian people, an amalgam of the original traders and indigenous residents coming together to benefit the overall community. At one of the highest points of Aruba sits the Chapel of Alto Vista, commissioned on April 20, 1750, it represents the resilience and interdependence of a diverse people.

At Altovista Technology we believe it is this representation of diversity, interaction, efficiency and taking a higher view of complex challenges which drive our passion in leveraging the exponential potential of technology integration to produce the best results for our customers.

Our Team

Bo Cheng


Bo has over 10 years of technology experience providing software, logistics, and manufacturing solutions for Fortune 500 companies and municipalities such as Ryder, Landstar, Android Industries, and the City of Detroit.

Dr. Jay P. Harrison


Jay has over 30 years of technology experience and previously served as the President of Internet Operations Center and is the co-founder of Deneb Robotics, 3D simulation software company acquired by Dassault Systems.

Andrew McKeever


Andrew has over 20 years of experience in business growth and strategy and has held executive position in tech companies such as Amplifinity, Detroit Labs, and Billhighway.

Subba Medapati

SVP Software Development

Subba has 15+ years of software development experience, and has held strategic development positions for companies and municipalities such as Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Satyam Computer Services, and the City of Detroit.

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