Smart Risk Management Software

Designed for Public Sector Leaders

Reduce your liability, risk, and costs with a powerful risk management software designed to manage your police department. Powered by an Artifical Intellignce engine, Altovista Technology’s Arx Alert platform provides you a comprehensive way to investigate, report on, resolve and predict incidents – all in one centralized, cloud-based solution.

“What is Arx?”

noun. A Latin word meaning “citadel”.

In ancient Rome, the Arx was a critical defensive watchtower located at the heart of the city. Sentries watched from the Arx for approaching enemies and signaled potential danger by raising a red flag and sounding a trumpet.

For us, the Arx is the perfect analogy for our Arx Alert software platform as it serves the same purpose today, just in a different way. We help you raise flags before risk approaches so you can better protect your organization.

How Does It Work?


We’ll work with your team to integrate our software with your management system plus we’ll digitize relevant data in the cloud.

Create Risk

Together, we’ll identify a list of what risks trigger an alert using 100+ best practices as a starting point.

Launch Online Dashboard

We’ll build your custom risk management dashboard that’s ready to monitor and mitigate risk on day-one.


We automate your workflow empowering you to correct the risk identified in your organization.


Excessive Use of Force, Overtime Risk, Complaint History, Injury to Officer History, Training Gaps and Patterns of Policy Non-Compliance

Save Money

Prevent frivolous lawsuits, reduce insurance premiums and save time with less paperwork, monitoring employees and making reports.

$5.1 Million

saved in lawsuit payouts

Reduce Risk

Keep the public and your employees safe with proactive risk predictions.

62% Decrease

in lawsuits filed

Improve Image

Spend more time building community relations with an automated and transparent accountability system.

22% Decrease

in use of force

Who’s it for?

Law Enforcement / Government / Insurance / Technology

Chief Of Police

Chief of Police

County Sheriff

County Sheriff

Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer

Director Of Public Safety

Director of Public Safety

Chief Risk Officer

Chief Risk Officer



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“People have a high expectation for information & an immediacy for response. Arx Alert provides a platform for people to have that information.”

— Charles Craft  |  Chief of Police, Ret.  |  Troy MI

“The [Arx Alert platform] has replaced paper documentation for a great portion of the review process, allowing for more efficient and effective management…of officers’ behavior throughout the [police department].”


— U.S. Department of Justice

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